Alexis Bittar

Alexis Bittar, who has been celebrated by every possible fashion maven, is a true visionary with an insatiable creative appetite. His mix of fluid, flowing shapes--and the night-sky-sparkle of all those tiny crystals--has completely revolutionized the modern jewelry aesthetic. He is a force of nature. A permanent fixture of the NYC club scene in the 90s, Alexis' image is undeniably New York, and aptly his entire line is handmade in Brooklyn. Drawing inspiration from classic literature for the Miss Havisham Collection, and using 7 artisans to create one Lucite piece, it's evident that an enormous amount of thought has gone into every aspect of Alexis' work, leading to the head-turning impact of his designs. And how cool is it that he's used Lauren Hutton as his model-of-the moment?
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