Let's be honest, this is a difficult question. While it'd be nice to consistently splurge on your jewelry, sometimes life gets in the way and we have to save. But don't worry- we have you covered! Whether you're planning a big night out, or simply want to treat yourself, we have plenty of options!  


Splurge: Jacquie Aiche Moonstone EarCuff:$1,430                   Save: Adina Reytor Silver Wing Earcuffs (pair): $180   JA-E4Moon                     ADR-E266PVWNG-SLV  

Mixed Metal Necklaces

Splurge: Rosanne Pugliese Necklace: $1,980                         Save: Alice Roche Necklace: $135 RP-RP131081OX                                   ARC-N534 (1)    

Long Beaded Necklaces

Splurge: Lena Skadegard Opal Necklace: $700                         Save: Debbie Fisher: $165 LS-N1645 (1)                                   DF-JH30  

Gold & Diamond Rings

Splurge: Caroline Ellen: $3,940                                                Save: Yasuko Azuma: $770 CE-R-566-D-20 (2)                     YAS-MLR02-G (1)
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