We've Joined The JA Tribe! Interview With Our Newest Designer Jacquie Aiche

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  How or when did you discover your love for jewelry? It was more of my way of expressing myself through wearable art. I really loved watching the way women transform after putting on a piece of jewelry. I then knew that this was my calling.   What is your favorite piece of jewelry? This summer I have not been able to take off my anklets. They  just make me feel so sexy and festive, I am ready for a pool party at any time.   What’s your guilty pleasure? Chocolate. Can’t live without it!   What books are you currently reading? Aren’t we sisters?  It’s about sisterhood and empowerment, kind of like the JA tribe.   Who and what inspire you? All the Beautiful women around me each day inspire me constantly. Each one has her own unique way of expressing herself and that is what excites me. Finding a way for each woman to feel uniquely beautiful in my jewels.   What was the first piece you ever designed? The first piece that I ever designed was a wire wrapped gemstone necklace. I made it myself by hand and that’s where the magic began…   What are some artists you’re listening to? I love all kinds of music but at the moment, not really partial to one genre. I am listening to Parra for cuva at the moment, takes me back to long nights in 1998.   Is there any jewelry you never take off? My Bodychain, it’s truly an extension of myself. I am able to gauge where I am in life and whether I need to chill out on the chocolate or not.   If you had another career, what would it be? Not really sure what else I would be doing. Definitely would still be something in the arts and/or taking care of people.   What are five items on your desk? Box of gems, lip gloss, feu de bois candle, eye glasses and a calculator.   Shop our Jacquie Aiche collection here: http://bit.ly/XdBxdJ

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