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10K Gold Medium "Peacock" Necklace on 24"


10 Karat Yellow Gold "Peacock" Necklace with Diamond Detail. The Peacock represents Wisdom. "Wisdom" is engraved on the back of pendant. Necklace measures 24" long with jump ring option at 22". Peacock charm diameter measures 20mm.

Birds possess a spiritual magic, flying between the earth and the stars, embodying our desire to rise above the minutia of the day to day, to see as if from great heights. A Peacock’s colorful feathers symbolize all of the beauty there is to see, while the golden “eye” shapes, “eyes of the stars”, represent knowledge.

Please call Peridot at 914-833-7333 or email us about availability.

SKU: ZH-N301PEA20-24

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