Custom Design


We love creating bespoke pieces for our clients, and we feel our success in this area truly sets Peridot apart. Our custom work is created through close interaction between our team, our clients, and our designers. We have long-established relationships with all of our designers, which allows for a seamless, open, and exciting process. We enjoy taking the time to work with our clients to transform  the ring they have imagined into a reality. Seeing the finished product fulfill your expectations is always a pleasure and reminds us why we love what we do every day!

Ordering a custom engagement ring is a very personal experience. While many clients order a ring in an existing design, others are interested in designing a piece as unique as they are! The custom process often takes more time than purchasing an existing design, and requires attention to detail, ease with decision-making, and a deep level of trust in the process.

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Keep in mind that if you love the work of a particular designer, we can easily show you images of rings they have created in the past that might spark some ideas for your ring.  Many designers can make modifications to existing designs to fulfill your specific desires. However, if you decide that a totally custom ring is the best route, we will be happy to help you create a ring that will speak to your precise vision.




Getting Started

The first thing to do is to begin exploring the work of the designers we represent. Based on the information you share with us about your style, we will direct you to bridal designers who we feel would be a good fit for you.

Once you have narrowed down a designer, we will work with you on the specifics of your ring. What cut and carat diamond are you looking for? What metal? What type of setting? We will guide you with our knowledge and design expertise as we go through this process together.

Meeting Your Designer

Our team at Peridot will act as the liaison between you and the designer, making sure your needs and desires are perfectly communicated.  Additionally, there are opportunities to meet some of our designers who do custom work! We host Trunk Shows throughout the year during which many of our designers come to our store for a day with their full collections. Many clients find it exciting and helpful to see the entire collection of their chosen designer to help spark ideas and lead them in the direction of a design scheme. If you have chosen a designer who visits us in store for trunk shows, we can schedule appointments for you to meet with them and discuss specifics of your dream ring. And, if you don’t meet your designer before your ring is made, hopefully you can stop by at some point when he or she is visiting our shop. We know there is something very special about meeting the person who brought your ring to life - our designers love meeting you as well!

Quotes & Renderings

Once we have narrowed down the specifics of your ring, we will reach out to the designer with all the details. Our designer will provide a quote for the cost of the ring and can usually provide a hand-drawn rendering of the design. At that point, refinements can be made until you are 100% happy with the design and ready to move forward.


 After the details of pricing and design have been confirmed, we will request a 50% non-refundable deposit for the value of the engagement ring. Then the excitement begins - the designer will start to create your dream ring!  From the time the order is placed, bespoke rings can take anywhere from 4-10 weeks to be completed, depending on the designer. When your new ring arrives, you will be notified and the ring can be picked up or shipped to you in as little as one business day.