Peridot was founded 21 years ago

by Dawn Hendricks. Dawn worked as a photographer and visual merchandiser in her early career, but always dreamed of owning her own store. She achieved her dream launching Peridot: a space filled to the brim with handmade, effortlessly beautiful, meticulously curated fine jewelry. 20 years later, her standards for curation of the store have not wavered—bringing the highest quality and the most beautiful jewels to her faithful clientele.

Representing designers who create collections that tell a unique story

The mission of the Peridot brand is to represent designers who create collections that tell a unique story. Our clients can expect a special personalized experience as they explore our thoughtfully selected pieces. We are proud to be in the business of promoting these entrepreneurs who put so much intention into their handcrafted work. We had a vision for Peridot that we knew needed to reflect a curated world that is relaxed, warm, and inviting, whether it’s in our retail space or our digital world.



by talented designers in their studios, located around the USA & abroad. Every artisan is a master of their craft.


We pride ourselves on curating a selection of the best pieces - bringing you a unique selection of fine jewelry.


Our designers source only the best stones & work with the highest quality materials. We stand behind the quality of jewelry in our store.


Each piece that we bring into our store has inspired us. When you visit, it is our hope that you find a piece that stops you in your tracks.


1903 Palmer Ave
Larchmont, New York

Tues - Sat, 10am - 5pm