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While you enjoy your beautiful jewelry, we want to make sure it continues to look sparkly and new! Here are a few pointers from the Peridot experts.

Over time, beaded necklaces and bracelets can become weakened from daily wear. Check periodically for large spacing between beads – it may be time to have your jewelry restrung.

Be sure to remove your jewelry, especially delicate gemstone pieces, while doing any harsh activity, such as exercising, gardening, cooking, or swimming.

Jewels should be last – but certainly not least! Put on your jewelry after you’re done using perfume, lotions, or hair products, as these can damage the delicate materials.

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Even while you’re not wearing your jewelry, there are still important steps to take to ensure than it remains in great condition.

Make sure to keep each piece of jewelry in its own pouch or box. Otherwise, they will likely become tangled or scratched.

Avoid keeping jewelry in a damp environment; gold vermeil and plated pieces will become damaged with excessive exposure to moisture.

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All your beautiful jewels needs some TLC to keep their sparkle! Most jewelry can be cleaned with a soft brush and warm water. Mild dish soaps can also be used, but take care to avoid any harsh chemicals -- particularly on pearls and other soft, porous stones. Each type of metal and stone will need its own cleaning regimen. *Be careful to block any drains to avoid loss!

Gold and Platinum

Gold and Platinum should be cleaned with a soft brush and warm water, and they are durable enough to tolerate mild dish soap. Please note, high polish or matte finishes may need professional cleaning to fully restore their original state should they become tarnished.

Sterling Silver

Lucky for us, silver is best cleaned by being worn! Skin oils naturally prevent tarnish. When not wearing your silver jewelry, it is best stored in an airtight bag. Should you need to polish further, use a silver polish or jewelry cloth. Take care not to clean blackened silver with silver polish as this will remove the blackened finish!

Brass and Bronze

Brass will darken over time with wear, but avoiding water will help prevent any color change. Otherwise, both brass and bronze can be cleaned using a cleaner or toothpaste. 


Much like gold and platinum, diamonds can be cleaned with a soft bristle brush and some warm water. Be sure to clean under and around the setting of the diamond, as there’s often secret dirt packed in!

Opals, Pearls and Turquoise

These three stones are especially porous, and therefore should not come into contact with water, soap, or extreme temperature changes – their shine and color can be damaged. 

Pearls, much like silver, improve with wear! When they need cleaning, pearls should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth rather than a commercial cleaner.

For best results with all jewelry, bring them in to be cleaned professionally and free of charge at Peridot! Or, you can use our foaming cleaner, available for purchase at our store or online.

Any further questions? Feel free to contact us for anything else concerning your jewelry care!