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About the Brand


The mission of the Peridot brand is to represent designers who create collections that tell a unique story. We know brick and mortar stores thrive by combining a special personalized experience with offering thoughtfully selected products, and our space embodies that concept. We are proud to be in the business of promoting these entrepreneurs who put so much intention into their handcrafted work. We had a vision for the store that we knew needed to reflect a curated world that is relaxed, warm, and inviting, whether it’s in our retail space or digital world.

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About Peridot's Founder

“I can’t support and sell jewelry unless there’s good energy behind it.”

Growing up, Dawn Hendricks says she was always the child who thought outside the box: she wanted to have her own store. Dawn explored both photography and visual merchandising as potential careers, but nothing scratched her brick-and-mortar itch. She finally achieved her dream in 2002, launching Peridot: a store filled to the brim with handmade, effortlessly beautiful, meticulously curated fine jewelry.

17 years later, Peridot is a home to about thirty jewelry designers, each one with their own vision, style, and aesthetic. Dawn has maintained a philosophy that she will only represent a designer with whom she’d gladly have dinner, thus ensuring Peridot only works with kind, creative souls. Her standards for curation of the store have not wavered—if anything, she’s grown more discerning, only bringing the highest quality and the most beautiful jewels to her faithful clientele. Peridot is now known throughout Larchmont and the surrounding area as a place to find sparkling beauty paired with unparalleled customer service.

Our Jewelry Is:


Our designers source only the best stones & work with the highest quality materials. We stand behind the jewelry in our store, always.

Every piece that we bring into our store has inspired us. When you visit Peridot, it is our number one hope that you find a piece that stops you in your tracks.

All of the jewelry at Peridot is hand-crafted by talented designers in their studios, located around the USA & abroad. Each and every artisan is a master of their craft.

We pride ourselves on curating a selection of only the best pieces. We bring you unique selections of handmade jewelry.

The Location


We’re located 30 minutes from Grand Central station in New York City and we’re within walking distance from the Metro North train station.
Grab your girlfriends and spend the day in charming Larchmont, NY with other lovely and local shops to visit and indulge in!

Our Hours

* Effective March 16, 2020

In light of the current circumstances, Peridot will be temporarily closing
our Larchmont store until further notice.